Dispute Resolution


If you believe the information in your application is incorrect we can assist you with disputing the result. While every care is taken, the accuracy of an application depends on a number of factors and on occasions an application is assessed with incorrect information.

Reasons for an incorrect result

Reasons for an incorrect result can include

  • The application was incorrectly filled out.
  • Information held in records has not been correctly matched to the applicant.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information was provided with the application.

Grounds for you to make a dispute claim

  • The information released does not belong to you.
  • Part of the information does not belong to you.
  • The information belongs to you, but the details are inaccurate.
  • The information belongs to you but should not have been released.

How you can start a dispute claim.

  • Email our Disputes Claim Officer
  • Include in the Email the reason you believe the application is incorrect.
  • Attach any supporting documentation that supports your claim such as identifying documents.

How we help you with your dispute claim

  • When we receive your email, we will send you an acknowledgement that your dispute has been received. This acknowledgement will have further contact details so we can keep you informed about the progress of your dispute.
  • We will prepare the dispute report for you and forward it together with your supporting documentation.
  • We will Email you advising that your dispute has been lodged.
    A dispute can be resolved in a few days or could take several weeks if further information is needed from other agencies to assist in resolving the dispute.
  • We will keep you informed by email or phone during the process of your dispute.
  • We will advise you by email of the outcome of your dispute.

Be assured that the integrity of data used to provide tenancy applications and the accuracy of results is important to us.